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Wellbeing Is Our Passion

“What started as a passion to make the best kombucha I could for my family grew into continually seeking out and sourcing excellent ingredients to produce high quality kombucha for a community bigger than I could ever have imagined.” Nancey


In 2015 Nancey Legg introduced Better Kombucha to the local community at a small, weekly farmer’s market. Folks showed up thirsty and began recommending it to their favorite gathering places. Based on this initial response, Nancey realized that making the beverage could be more than a hobby.  So, armed with a master’s degree in Public Health and acquiring the basics of business, she decided that her commitment to wellness and her community created a great opportunity to pursue this fulltime.


So, in 2016 with product presence in one coffee shop, Better Kombucha become Birmingham’s first commercial kombucha brewery. Currently, Better Kombucha utilizes 3 local distribution companies to get award winning kombucha to over 185 stores, restaurants & coffee shops throughout Alabama and the southeast.


Better Kombucha believes that an integral part of being better physically, mentally, and spiritually is related to what we put into our bodies, and that taking better care of ourselves makes us better people and better people make better community.

Together we are Better!


2022 - The City of Birmingham StrongHer Award

1993 - Master's in Public Health; field of study: Health Behavior

1986 - Bachelor of Science in Psychology: minor in Philosophy; scholarship student/athlete


Award Winning Team

Birmingham-based Better Kombucha receives top award from Good Food Foundation.

2022 Good Food Award Winner Seal.png

“We are honored to be a recipient of the Good Food Award, as they maintain a standard that guarantees excellence and we feel privileged to be in the company of others creating amazing products, doing good in our local communities—it gives us confidence that the flavors of our culture bring joy and delight to others.”

Nancy Legg, Founder, Better Kombucha


Brewery to Bottle in Less Than a Day

A great thing about Better Kombucha is that their beverages are hand-crafted and small-batched brewed. We believe that small batch hand crafted kombucha is better. Since 2015 our
family has pursued the best ingredients and processes to produce the best

kombucha for our community. Welcome to the fold. Together We Are Better!

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